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Marie-Laure (pronounced Mahi law) our new nurse has started and is fitting in very well with the team. Marie- Laure is an experienced nurse and will work well alongside Tonia, Megan, and Judith. She will be working every Monday, Thursday and Friday.


Dr Dawn White will become a partner at Family Health Centre from 01/01/19. We are very happy to have Dawn join us permanently
She will continue to look after Dr Keoughs patients along with Dr Wilson until Dr Keough returns.

Dr Keough has just finished her fifth course of chemo; she is doing well but at this stage will not be back until early 2019.

Dr Richard Wilson is now working Wednesdays and Thursdays all day until the end of March 2019


We will be, from the 29/10/18, charging a $5.00 fee for blood pressures taken by the nurse. We will also be charging a $10.00
Consult fee for patients who see the nurse for advice etc.


From the 01/12 2018, there will be no charge for under 14 year old patients

Family Health Centre will be opting in to the reduced fees for community service cardholders (CSC) from 01/04/ 2019

If you think you maybe entitled to a CSC, you can phone the 0800 999 999 and they will advise you.

Manage My Health

We encourage all who have emails to register for this. It is a simple process and great to have. You can make your appointments, check your results or ask for advice via this portal. Ask at reception and it will just take 2 minutes to do. You need to be 16 or older and have your own email address.

If you have already registered but not activated could you please do as soon as possible.

Web site

You can also order your prescription via our web site, which is www.familyhealth and by the end of August, hopefully all patients will be able to make an appointment if they are registered patients. A link (MMH) will be available to click on, you will enter your name and DOB and will then if registered be able to make your appointment


The doctors and nurses have been having increasing numbers of requests for letters, certificates and advice via email or Manage My Health site. We will now be making a charge for this between $5.00 and $10.00 depending on the time this takes to do.
The invoice will be emailed to you for payment by the end of the month. This can be done online and the details are on the account.


We have TXT to remind. It will send a text at 2pm every day to remind the people who are booked the following day of their appointment.
If you do not wish to reply but cannot make your appointment, please phone reception so we can cancel and use for someone else.
The nurses are now also using this for recalls.


We would just like to remind you that all consultations are confidential. Youth from the age of 16yrs are entitled to have their notes confidential. Unless we have consent from the youth, we are unable to disclose information; this includes results of tests etc that have been organized for them. If you are 16yrs or over and would like your result texted to you just inform the Dr or Nurse.

If you are 16 or over, you can also register with Manage My Health and have access to your notes, make your own appointments and request advice. You will need your own email address.


We will be closing at 1pm on the Mondays 24th & 31st of December. We will also close the statutory days 25th 26th of December and 1st & 2 Jan 2019.

For all emergencies when we are not available, go to A&E at the hospital or urgent care to Medicross or Phoenix Drs.